Is Bariatric Surgery Safe?

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There’s a reason so many people travel to Mexico to have bariatric surgery: It’s safe and effective. Tourism in Mexico for medical procedures continues to be a popular choice for patients from the United States and Canada. One of the many benefits of traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery is that you can receive identical […]

How to Prevent Hair Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Man concerned about hair loss after bariatric surgery.

Many people who recover from bariatric surgery experience some degree of hair loss. Up to 50% of patients experience hair loss after bariatric surgery within the first 12 months. While it is a temporary condition, short-term hair loss can be a stressful situation for many patients. There are steps you can take to help minimize […]

Traveling to Mexico for Bariatric Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

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Traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery is a great choice for many patients struggling with excess weight. Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular as patients seek quality care outside the United States and Canada. With ALO Bariatrics, our surgeons operate out of state-of-the-art facilities where we can provide the very best bariatric care in Mexico. […]

Recovering From Bariatric Surgery: What to Expect

Recovering from bariatric surgery: what to expect.

Are you considering taking charge of your health and exploring the benefits of bariatric surgery? ALO Bariatrics has years of experience providing weight loss surgery for patients in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Our team of skilled professionals offers modern bariatric procedures safely for a fraction of the cost at multiple facilities across Mexico. Bariatric […]