Bariatric Surgery and Weight Loss Surgery in Guadalajara, MX

If you are considering weight loss surgeryALO Bariatrics in Guadalajara, Mexico, should be at the top of your list.

Here, patients can receive affordable weight loss surgery performed by a Mayo Clinic-certified doctor in a state-of-the-art hospital.

Here’s why ALO Bariatrics is quickly becoming the preferred practice for men and women looking for affordable bariatric surgery…

Why Choose ALO Bariatrics Guadalajara for Your Bariatric Surgery​


Our board-certified bariatric surgeon, Alejandro Lopez, is certified by the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is an international non-profit organization made up of hospitals and doctors with a unified mission to provide the very best care to every patient. As a Mayo Clinic-certified physician, Dr. Lopez maintains an excellent standard of care.

World-Class Accommodations

ALO Bariatrics patients only visit the best hotels and state-of-the-art hospitals during their stay. Most of our patients choose to stay at the historic Malibu Hotel, which is centrally located in Guadalajara's bustling metropolitan area. We can arrange transportation throughout the city or to one of our state-of-the-art hospitals so that you can travel without worries.

Ultimate Travel Destination

As the second-largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara is a popular tourist destination where you can undergo life-changing weight loss surgery while spending time in a beautiful location. The city has its own international airport with direct flights from most major cities, so traveling there is comfortable and convenient for patients from all parts of the globe.

Popular Sightseeing Destinations

Guadalajara is known for its beautiful architecture. Before your surgery or after your recovery, you can venture to various popular sites, such as: 

Affordable, Accessible Care

One of the best parts of traveling to Mexico for your gastric bypassgastric sleeve (sleeve gastrectomy), or any other weight loss procedure is the price. Patients who travel to Mexico for bariatric surgery can save thousands of dollars. If you’ve always wanted to overcome obesity but haven’t had the financial means, bariatric surgery in Mexico makes it possible.

LocationGastric SleeveGastric BypassDuodenal SwitchLAP-BAND
Puerto Vallarta $4,900$6,500$7,500$5,900
Guadalajara – Puerta de Hierro $4,900$6,500$7,500$5,900

Meet the Doctor at Our Guadalajara Location


Dr. Alejandro Lopez is a board-certified bariatric surgeon who founded ALO Bariatrics with a mission to provide affordable, high-quality bariatric care in Mexico. To date, Dr. Lopez has completed over 10,000 weight loss procedures with low complication rates and excellent results. He is a pioneer in the field of bariatric surgery who has been featured in many research publications.

Dr. Lopez is passionate about helping men and women overcome obesity, and he still remembers the first time he came into contact with a person who was struggling with being overweight. In 1992, he joined the movement to end obesity through bariatric surgery and helped improve the health of thousands through the use of the LAP-BAND®. He performed hundreds of surgeries in Tijuana for patients from Canada and the United States and eventually expanded his practice to Guadalajara. 

Since then, Dr. Lopez has perfected the surgical process and continues to share his knowledge with other surgeons who want to end obesity. When choosing new team members, Dr. Lopez ensures that they are passionate about helping patients overcome obesity too.

He remains at the forefront of clinical studies researching the safety and efficacy of bariatric surgeries. As a leader in the field, Dr. Lopez also attends various international conferences for bariatric care.



Dr. Lopez's Mission


Weight Loss Procedures Offered at Our Guadalajara Practice

Only your bariatric surgeon will know which option will best fit your needs and yield the best results. Depending on your needs, your doctor may recommend:

To determine which weight loss procedure is right for you, we will take into account your body mass index (BMI), whether you have any accompanying conditions such as diabetes, and your health history.

Our Guadalajara Hospital

Hospital Puerta de Hierro

Gob. Ibarra 9721, America, Zona Cacho
Tijuana, BCN 22044
This ultra-modern hospital is affiliated with the Mayo Clinic Care Network, which is the largest hospital network in the United States. Puerta de Hierro is fully equipped with its own blood bank, imaging center, and clinical laboratory. 
Choosing a certified bariatric surgeon who only performs weight loss procedures at accredited hospitals is the best way to reduce the risk of complications and ensure good surgical outcomes.