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Bariatric Surgeons Providing Top Care in Tijuana


Our Tijuana, Mexico, hospital is just a short drive from neighboring San Diego, CA. We are renowned for providing affordable long-term weight loss success at our world-class surgical facility.

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Traveling to ALO Bariatrics is easy: all you have to do to start your weight loss surgery journey is get to the San Diego International Airport. From there, one of our professional chauffeurs will pick you up. You don’t have to worry about confusing directions since our team handles everything. The drive to our bariatric surgeons is just over 30 minutes, and will take you past the scenic San Diego Bay and views of downtown San Diego.

Why So Many Come to ALO Bariatrics


Elite Surgical Quality

We are proud that our Tijuana hospital is medically-accredited and meets the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. Our procedures are performed by world-class bariatric surgeons who have decades of collective experience. Our surgeons have completed thousands of successful weight loss surgeries.

Vacation-Like Experience

A major benefit of medical tourism is the ability to turn your treatment into a truly memorable experience. Tijuana has many beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and historical museums. The city is also known for its incredible food. One of Tijuana's taco shops was even featured on the Netflix show Taco Chronicles.

Incredible Affordability

Choosing to receive health care in a foreign country is increasingly popular, so much so that this decision has been coined "medical tourism." The number one reason so many come to our Tijuana weight loss team is that our bariatric surgeries are both top quality and cost a fraction of what the same procedures do in America.

The ALO Bariatrics


The Price of Our Most Popular Weight Loss Surgeries

Gastric sleevegastric bypassduodenal switch, and LAP-BAND are among our most popular bariatric surgeries. These can cost $25,000 or more in the United States. The below chart shows just how much you can save by seeing our surgeons instead of American ones.

Gastric SleeveGastric BypassDuodenal SwitchLAP-BAND

The above costs are flat fees that are all-inclusive. This means in addition to your bariatric surgery, these prices cover your hospital stay, hotel, chauffeur, exams, prescription drugs, and more. There are no surprise charges at ALO Bariatrics. 

Our Luxurious Hotel


Our bariatric packages include your stay at the beautiful Tijuana Marriott Hotel. The spacious rooms offer panoramic views of the Tijuana skyline. Just like our medical staff, the hotel staff is bilingual. This means our many non-Spanish-speaking patients never have to worry about a language barrier of any kind. You can easily receive the best recommendations for the hotel’s various delicious dining options, as well as suggestions for the best sights to see throughout the city. The hotel is just a short walk from the Campestre Club golf course, giving patients and their families an excellent and relaxing recreational activity. 

Reach Out to Our Weight Loss Experts

Obesity can severely harm many aspects of your life. Physically speaking, it can put you at a much higher risk of all types of mortality, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, cancer, and more. Obese people also often face unfair social stigmas and can often spend more on health care, earn less, and endure mental health struggles. 

Many patients struggle with weight loss for years, unable to permanently take off pounds. This is frequently not their fault. Our surgeons can perform incredible bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and more. Talk to us to solve your weight loss struggles. 


Rave Reviews for Our Surgical Experience

Javana Drogaris
Javana Drogaris
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I can honestly say I had a great experience, from getting picked up until the day I left. I would definitely recommend Dr. Alejandro for this procedure. I thank the nurses, drivers, staff, and anyone else who I did not mention. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for taking care of us the way y’all did God bless!
Christina Hurtgen
Christina Hurtgen
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Very thorough communication, transportation from and to airport was provided. I went to PV for surgery, hotel was convenient to everything you could need. Dr was top notch, as well as the whole staff I came into contact with.

Meet Our Medical Director


Dr. Lopez is a renowned surgeon who has performed more than 10,000 successful bariatric surgeries. He has become an authority in the field, having his research published in several prestigious scientific journals. His many qualifications include completing an advanced fellowship at Chicago’s Cook County Hospital and becoming board-certified by the Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases. Dr. Lopez oversees our team of highly qualified bariatric surgeons, ensuring they treat each patient with compassionate high-quality care. 


The Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

The incredible weight loss you can achieve with the help of our team provides many life-changing improvements. Three major benefits of weight loss surgery are:

Lower Risk of Disease

Post-Op Care

Hotel Stay

See Amazing Bariatric Surgery Transformations

Our sleeve gastrectomies, gastric bypasses, and more can give people the body they always dreamed of. Below are just two examples of our many incredible results.
Rogelio was able to gain a great beach body thanks to SILS gastric sleeve surgery.
Kristin’s life was completely transformed thanks to our powerful gastric procedures.

Bariatric Surgery at a Glance

Our Tijuana surgeons can perform incredible gastric procedures like:

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass shrinks the size of your stomach and re-routes part of your digestive system. By reducing your body’s ability to absorb calories, gastric bypass surgery can lead to amazing weight loss, improved metabolism, and improved diabetic conditions.

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, reshapes your stomach into a sleeve-like form. This leads to major weight loss by minimizing your food intake. According to Johns Hopkins University, gastric sleeve can result in up to 90 pounds of weight loss.

Revision Surgery

Unfortunately, some patients experience failed surgeries at other practices, or hit a plateau in their weight loss. Our team is highly skilled at performing revisions to correct errors and put you back on the path to long-term weight loss.

ALO Bariatrics Performs Laparascopic Procedures

Our highly-trained bariatric surgeons utilize the laparoscopic surgery method. This technique eliminates the need for large incisions. It also reduces the likelihood of complications like bleeding and infection. The benefits of laparoscopic weight loss surgery go beyond the operating room. Its usage can also drastically lessen patient recovery times.

Our Bariatric Surgeries Are Highly Recommended

Jose Martin del Campo
Jose Martin del Campo
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Had surgery with the ALO team 8 months ago and It was an incredible experience. They were very professional, and they were very patient with me. As a physician , I can say the quality of care that I saw in this hospital was on par with american facilities. Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat
David Alexander
David Alexander
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My results are more than I imagined was possible. I'm down 155 pounds in 6 months. I went to an annual screening that my employer requires and the numbers were the best in 30 years. The staff was professional and efficient 6 months ago as well. My biggest regret is that I waited so long to get the surgery!