Duodenal Switch Before and Afters

The Results are Unmistakable

Duodenal switch surgery can be the beginning of a new life for you. This powerful weight loss procedure has transformed the lives of thousands of patients who trusted ALO Bariatrics in their weight loss journey.
Let the results speak for themselves with Duodenal Switch surgery before-and-after videos.

Duodenal Switch Before-and-After FAQs

In three months, you’ll be in the final stages of healing from your duodenal switch surgery. You could potentially lose up to 40% of your excess body weight. The exact amount of weight you’ll lose will depend on how well you adhere to the post-surgery guidelines.

Overall, you’ll notice a difference in your appearance and how you feel.

Six months after your surgery, you won’t recognize the person in the mirror—in a good way! Research has shown that six months after surgery, you could lose up to 60% of your excess weight—that’s almost 10% of your excess weight a month.

When patients lose a large amount of weight quickly, it’s possible to have areas of your body with excess skin. Skin is elastic, and when people gain weight, their skin stretches. Conversely, when you lose weight rapidly, the skin can take longer to return to your new body size. How fast and how well your skin adjusts to fit your body differs for each person.

For some, this can cause them to be self-conscious about their appearance. Don’t worry; surgical and non-surgical options are available to our patients.

If you’re worried about excess skin and how it may affect your recovery, speak with a surgeon from ALO Bariatrics today and explore your options.