Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) in Tijuana, Mexico

Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) is a technique that uses just one small incision to perform gastric sleeve surgery and more.

Dr. Alejandro López can minimize your risks, downtime, and scarring by using this technique when performing your bariatric surgery.

Our Three SILS Centers

ALO Bariatrics offers single-incision laparoscopic surgery from three premium facilities in Mexico. Drive across the border from San Diego to Tijuana or fly into a major international airport in Puerto Vallarta or Guadalajara, where your personal driver awaits.

Which destination would you want to visit as you begin your weight-loss journey?

No matter which ALO Bariatric surgery location you choose, rest assured you’ll be comfortable, safe, and well taken care of. ALO Bariatrics will provide a personal driver for your entire trip. From pick-ups at the airport to taking you to your scheduled appointments and showing you around town, we’ve got everything covered.

What Is Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)?

Single-incision laparoscopic surgery is the most minimally invasive technique used to perform bariatric surgery. Gastric sleeve can be safely and effectively completed using the SILS technique.

The benefits of using the SILS approach include:

  • Little or no scarring
  • Fewer risks of infection or bleeding
  • Better pain control
  • Faster recovery

Historically, laparoscopic surgery consists of up to five, keyhole-sized incisions used to insert surgical instruments to complete the operation. A single incision only requires one cut near the belly button, resulting in only one scar which is usually covered up by the belly button.

A single incision means a lower risk of complications and a faster recovery time. Surgeons at ALO Bariatrics have extensive experience in performing gastric sleeve procedures using the SILS approach and are available at all three locations in Mexico.

See the Difference We Can Make


Before Weight Loss Surgery
After Weight Loss Surgery

While single-incision laparoscopic surgery costs more than traditional laparoscopic surgery, many patients who visit our bariatric centers in Mexico feel the benefits justify the cost. We can discuss this technique in more detail during your consultation.

Want More Information About SILS?

The trusted experts at ALO Bariatrics have the answers to all your SILS procedure questions. Led by Dr. Alejandro Lopez, ALO Bariatrics has performed thousands of successful surgeries to help their patients reach their weight-loss goals while also contributing to continuing education and professional development through their engagement in the following:

  • The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
  • The Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases
  • The Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery

Being part of these prestigious groups illustrates ALO Bariatrics’ commitment to excellence for all our patients.
The SILS approach is just one of many advanced techniques ALO Bariatrics uses to ensure the safety and efficacy of our procedures. If you have questions or need someone to talk to about the risks and the benefits of a procedure like gastric sleeve and SILS, set up a consultation and speak with a bariatric surgeon today.

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Patients Share Their Success Stories


William Providence
William Providence
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I'm from Denver, Colorado I had gastric sleeve surgery with ALO Bariatrics in Guadalajara, Mexico and it went so smoothly. The facilities they use are state of the art, they have the proper equipment, team and care just like here in the United States. Everything is top notch. The surgeons are top notch. The facility is top notch. The equipment is top notch. The service is top notch. They eliminate all the risks of doing surgery in Mexico and treat you so well.
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My experience was amazing! Loved the whole staff! Superb care. Dr. Lopez still offers advice to his patients post-op. Clean facility, the nurses take really of their patients. I had better care south of the border than I've had in the states! Down 140 ugly pounds!

SILS vs. Other Surgical Techniques

When comparing other surgical techniques to the SILS procedure, it’s clear why so many choose to go with the single-incision approach. Let’s look at a couple of the different methods used to perform bariatric surgery and how they compare.


Open surgery involves one large incision that can span several inches. The incision is held open, and the operation is performed through the opening. Usually, an open procedure happens in emergencies due to easy access to internal organs.


  • Provides a lot of space to move the hands and surgical instruments around in the abdominal cavity.
  • Can be beneficial for complex procedures.


  • Potential for a large (or larger) scar to develop.
  • Increased risk of developing a hernia at some point after the surgery, which may require an added operation.
  • Higher chance of developing an infection.
  • Potential for additional bleeding.


Laparoscopic surgery is also considered a minimally invasive technique using several small ½ inch-wide incisions to access the surgical area. Small robotic tools are inserted through the opening, including a camera for the surgeon to visualize the procedure.


  • Smaller scars from the tiny incisions
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Faster recovery
  • Less risk of hernia development
  • Lower overall post-procedural pain


  • Not all procedures can be performed using SILS.
When choosing which bariatric surgery may be best for you, ask your surgeon if the SILS approach would suit your case. If you’re concerned about complications and the length of recovery, a procedure like sleeve gastrectomy using the SILS approach may be right for you.

Can I Have SILS?


Like all surgeries, the right procedure for you will be based on several factors. You should have realistic, attainable goals. Carefully consider the risks versus the benefits of having bariatric surgery. A decision should only be made in consultation with an experienced bariatric surgeon. Sometimes, using the SILS approach may be too risky or complicated and may not be the best choice.

Here are some of the factors you’ll talk about with your surgeon while exploring SILS:


Excessive Scar Tissue: If you’ve had bariatric surgery in the past or surgery that involved some of your organs within your abdominal cavity, it may be too difficult for a surgeon to use the SILS technique. Every person is different, and the level of scar tissue they have developed will vary. Scarring won’t prohibit you from undergoing SILS but will be a factor that is discussed with your surgeon.

BMI Over 40: If your body mass index (BMI) is over 40, SILS may not be the right procedure for you. Patients who are severely overweight usually need more complex procedures, like gastric bypass or duodenal switch, which are not completed using SILS.

It’s important to remember that the risk of staying overweight and the comorbidities obesity causes, like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, are far riskier than bariatric surgery itself.

Another Dramatic Transformation


Before Bariatric Surgery
After Bariatric Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery may be just what you need to lose weight quickly and safely. A laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy allows you to experience the benefits of weight loss with less scarring and fast recovery times. With the current exchange rate in Mexico, you can undergo bariatric surgery at our Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta offices and save thousands of dollars.

How SILS Works


General anesthesia is used to make sure you’re comfortable, don’t experience any pain, and aren’t aware of the surgery while it’s taking place. You’ll “be asleep” while we monitor your breathing, heart rate, and other vital signs to make sure your body is tolerating the surgery. General anesthesia is a combination of medications inhaled through a mask or administered through an IV.


One small incision near the belly button is all that’s needed to access the abdominal cavity. If healed correctly, the incision will barely be noticeable.


Using the incision near the belly button, a small camera is inserted on the end of a thin, flexible tube. This device is known as the laparoscope. The camera allows the surgeon to see the intricate structures of the abdominal cavity in greater detail. The surgeon will insert other surgical tools through the same incision and have everything needed for the surgery accessed through one incision.


Using the small laparoscopic tools inside your abdomen, your surgeon will be able to make fine cuts to tissues that will be removed. In the case of the gastric sleeve, approximately 80% of your stomach will be removed. If any changes are needed to your intestinal tract, your surgeon will be able to move certain sections delicately. Using precise tools allows your surgeon to complete the surgery with minimal impact on other organs or tissues.


After the surgeon has finished completing the surgery, they will remove the laparoscopic tools, clean your surgical site, and sew the incision closed. Suturing the incision tightly back together and keeping it clean is important for proper healing and leaving the smallest scar possible.

Make a Meaningful Change


Single-incision gastric sleeve surgery can make a positive difference in your life. If you want to take the next step in your weight loss journey, the team at ALO Bariatrics can help. With three offices in Mexico, patients can save money without compromising safety or quality. To learn more about single-incision bariatric surgery, contact our offices online. You can also reach our locations in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta by phone.

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5-Star Reviews

Jim Kirkbride
Jim Kirkbride
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I highly recommend the team at ALO Bariatrics. Sandra is amazing at providing details and ensuring you are their #1 priority. Dr Lopez is a gifted surgeon with vast experience in bariatric procedures. The Tijuana facilities are clean, safe, well staffed and dedicated to protecting the patients’ dignity and care. If you are thinking about weight loss surgery as a health or cosmetic option, ALO should be your choice.
LaToya Stamper
LaToya Stamper
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I would recommend this practice go anyone seeking bariatric surgery. Dr. Lopez and the hospital staff at Hospital Guadalajara were great, and my coordinator Sandra was awesome. I felt safe the entire time and the hotel staff at the Marriott provided the best service Ive ever had at a hotel. No regrets here.

Why Choose ALO Bariatrics?

Medical tourists from all across the world have found exactly the help they were looking for with ALO Bariatrics.

The surgeons at ALO Bariatrics are some of the most experienced, well-trained bariatric professionals within the industry, not just in Mexico.


Dr. Alejandro López has performed more than 10,000 bariatric surgeries. He is experienced in open, single-incision, and multiple-incision laparoscopic surgeries. You should trust your care to a surgeon versed in each approach.


Our bariatric surgeons have studied and trained in some of North America’s most prestigious institutions. Dr. López completed fellowship training in bariatric surgery at Chicago’s Cook County Hospital.


We use the best technology for SILS in order to accommodate special cases involving umbilical hernias or previous tummy tuck surgeries. Our aim is to help as many patients as possible safely experience the benefits of SILS.

Great Results, Satisfied Patients


Before Weight Loss Surgery
After Weight Loss Surgery

The service provided by everyone at ALO Bariatrics is second to none. We have tailored our surgical packages to be convenient and affordable for our patients. Forget your worries about logistics that often go with travel and medical procedures. We’ve got everything covered.

The luxuries that set us apart include:

A Personal Chauffeur: You’ll have a personal driver from when you land at the airport to when you leave. Your driver will help you get to and from appointments, your hotel, and sightseeing.

Luxury Accommodations: Before your procedure, and as you recover, we want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. We’ve partnered with luxury hotels to provide you with a peaceful, relaxing experience.

How Much Does Bariatric Surgery Using SILS Cost?

With ALO Bariatrics, you can experience the incredible benefits of gastric sleeve using SILS at an all-inclusive, affordable rate. Our pricing includes travel, lodging, and all surgical and hospital costs. Our dedicated team is here to help you plan every detail of your trip.

If you cannot make one lump payment, ALO Bariatrics offers easy financing options to make SILS more accessible. The most important thing is to get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Gastric Sleeve Using SILS

The total cost of the gastric sleeve using SILS will be about $5,900. The price may vary depending on your specific case. Speak with a representative from ALO Bariatrics today to get more insight into what’s included in your pricing.

Insurance Coverage

SILS surgery may be covered by insurance. However, coverage can vary. Be sure to contact your insurance provider directly to learn about coverage. The team at our bariatric surgery centers in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, can help with the filing process.

"I'm Forever Grateful."

I received the best care at ALO Bariatrics TJ location, the whole medical staff amazing! I promise you will not regret allowing them to give you the tool to kick obesity out of your life. I’m forever grateful. The doctors at ALO are very humble and driver is super nice.
Vertical sleeve gastrectomy 6/18/18
Heaviest Weight 275 (4/18 when I paid deposit)
Surgery Weight 248.6

– Jennifer Tawdi, 5-Star Google Review


Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) FAQs

SILS is worth the added cost if you’re concerned about potential scars from bariatric surgery. Most people will never be able to tell that you’ve had surgery. As you heal, the incision mark will become smaller and blend in with the natural folds of the belly button.

Have peace of mind that nobody will be able to tell you’ve had surgery to help you tackle your weight problems. Besides the cosmetic reasons, using the SILS approach is the most minimally invasive technique you can choose. This leads to faster recovery, less pain, and a lower chance of developing complications during, and after the procedure.

As with any bariatric procedure, you will need to sleep in a semi-seated position after a single-incision laparoscopic sleeve. You won’t be able to sleep on your stomach for at least two to three weeks. Our bariatric surgeons can provide more detailed recovery and aftercare instructions during the consultation process.

It is unlikely that anyone will see your SILS scar. Concealing the incision in the navel keeps the scar tissue virtually undetectable unless someone knows what to look for.

Even though there is just one incision, bariatric procedures are considered major surgeries. A bariatric surgeon is changing the size of your stomach and possibly rerouting part of your small intestine. Think of SILS as a technique that results in minor scarring for a major procedure.

SILS is no more painful than other laparoscopic surgeries. After receiving sedation and anesthesia, patients will feel no pain during their surgery. By taking pain relievers as directed and following your post-op instructions closely, you can greatly reduce discomfort in the first weeks after the procedure.