Gastric Sleeve Before and Afters

The Results Speak For Themselves

At ALO Bariatrics, we treat patients as part of our team, taking pride in their efforts and commitment to living a healthier life. Our patients’ determination to adhere to a healthier lifestyle is a major reason ALO Bariatrics has some of the highest success rates across the industry. Here are some inspirational gastric sleeve before-and-after photos:

ALO Bariatrics is the premier destination for medical tourism in Mexico. For decades, ALO Bariatrics has helped patients reach their weight-loss goals through safe and effective bariatric surgery. 

Gastric Sleeve Before-and-After FAQs

Patients may experience a range of outcomes, as each case is unique. Here are a few of the most common areas of improvement.

Lose Weight:

Most people will start to experience weight loss soon after surgery. A combination of fewer and smaller meals will help patients lose weight while their body heals. Within the first three months, your body will have undergone sufficient healing, enabling you to actively take part in your normal daily routines. By following the diet plans provided by ALO Bariatrics and incorporating regular exercise, patients can expect to see a reduction in total excess weight of up to 40%.
Improved Health:
In one study, nearly 30% of type 2 diabetes patients went into remission within two months after having gastric sleeve surgery. Their blood sugar levels were so well controlled that they likely won’t experience any new complications from diabetes. While substantial improvements in obesity-related diseases such as diabetes or hypertension may not happen this fast for everyone, over time, these conditions should become easier to manage.

Feel Better:

You’ll feel better about yourself as you begin to see your progress in your weight loss journey. A healthy, nutritious diet, moderate exercise, and adequate sleep will be areas of focus to improve your health in the early stages of recovery from gastric sleeve surgery.

Weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery can lead to excess skin. While you’re losing weight, your skin may not necessarily get smaller at the same rate, resulting in loose, hanging skin in some areas. The amount of excess skin will vary from person to person, depending on factors like weight, age, smoking habits, and genetics.

For some, body-contouring surgery or other medical treatments may be a possibility to tighten the loose skin. Over time, some patients’ skin will tighten and improve naturally.

If you’re concerned about the gastric sleeve and the before-and-after skin loss, speak with an experienced surgeon from ALO Bariatrics today. They can provide in-depth answers to your questions and provide possible solutions to your concerns.