Duodenal Switch Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

ALO Bariatrics performs duodenal switch procedures out of three modern surgical centers across Mexico. Our facilities allow for state-of-the-art surgeries to be performed safely and effectively. Choose from one of our three medical tourism destinations to start your weight loss journey with ALO Bariatrics.

Why Travel to Mexico for Duodenal Switch Surgery


The price of bariatric surgery in the United States and Canada can be so high that many aren’t able to financially receive the care they need. You deserve to receive life-saving duodenal switch surgery in Mexico for a fraction of the cost.

With ALO Bariatrics in Mexico, you can choose from three premier facilities in beautiful tourist destinations: Tijuana, Guadalajara, or Puerto Vallarta. All-inclusive pricing takes the hassle out of both traveling and healthcare costs, while your bilingual personal care team provides a private chauffeur, a stay at a luxurious hotel, certified surgeons and nutritionist, and post-op care.

Dr. Alejandro Lopez, the most qualified bariatric surgeon in Mexico, brings advanced training in bariatric surgery from Cook County Hospital in Chicago and the National Western Medical Center in Guadalajara. He treats each patient like family, demonstrating a deep commitment to their weight loss success. See why so many who have chosen ALO Bariatrics to embark on a new, healthier life.   

What Is a Duodenal Switch?

Also known as a biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD-DS), the duodenal switch is a procedure that combines restriction and malabsorption within the digestive system. Think of the duodenal switch as a combination of a sleeve and a gastric bypass.Through minimally invasive techniques, surgeons reduce the stomach size so you can eat less and feel fuller longer. Skilled surgeons will also reroute a section of the intestine, limiting how many calories you absorb. This results in weight loss from both eating less and absorbing fewer calories.


The malabsorptive component of a duodenal switch makes it more effective than gastric bypass alone. It also provides long-lasting results, and revision surgery is often unnecessary. The duodenal switch has a higher success rate in treating other health conditions like diabetes compared to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. Studies have shown that the duodenal switch leads to a higher amount of weight loss, and the weight rarely returns.

A Patient's Success Story


“Three (3) years ago I decided to make a change in my life. It wasn’t just a physical transformation. The transformation was more than that. I’m more confident in my own skin now. The insecurities I used to have, that used to prevent me from being the person I really was all along, are now gone. I have definitely bloomed!!

“Folks will say, ‘You’ve changed!’ Well, don’t let that bother you. In fact, embrace those comments because you know that it’s really just the real you showing up now, without those pesky insecurities. I sure have changed! I’m ME now, and enjoying life to the fullest!!”

– maskinduction, 5-Star Google Review

Is Duodenal Switch Surgery Right for Me?

If you have already tried to lose weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise but have not achieved long-term results, duodenal switch surgery may be the solution for you.

The duodenal switch procedure is highly recommended for individuals with a BMI of 50 or higher or a BMI of 40 or higher, accompanied by comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure. For those needing to lose a substantial amount of weight, a duodenal switch offers superior results and added health benefits.

During your consultation with ALO Bariatrics, our experienced bariatric surgeons will carefully assess your medical history to decide if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. In some cases, patients who have undergone gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery but have not achieved their desired weight loss can opt to convert their prior procedures to a duodenal switch, helping them reach their ultimate weight-loss goals.

Ready to Talk About Duodenal Switch Surgery?


Achieve your weight-loss goals and embrace a healthier way of life.

At our esteemed bariatric surgery centers in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we provide exceptional care and safe and cost-effective bariatric procedures, ensuring top-notch results at a fraction of the cost.

Our team’s commitment to excellence is illustrated by elite memberships to:

  • The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
  • The Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases
  • The Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery
  • And more!

We are committed to creating a personalized weight-loss solution that perfectly suits your needs. With the advantage of three convenient locations in Mexico, you can easily achieve your weight-loss goals while enjoying the comfort Mexico has to offer.

If you’re interested in discovering more about duodenal switch surgery, get in touch with our skilled bariatric surgeons online today.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our bariatric surgery practice by giving us a call at (619) 332-0981.


The team at ALO Bariatrics can develop a custom weight loss solution based on your needs. With three convenient locations in Mexico, you can shed excess weight and save on surgery.

How Much Does a Duodenal Switch Cost?

With ALO Bariatrics, you can experience the incredible benefits of a duodenal switch at an all-inclusive, affordable rate. Our pricing includes travel, lodging, and all surgical and hospital costs. Our dedicated team is here to help you plan every detail of your trip. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to transparency and healthcare.

If you cannot make one lump payment, ALO Bariatrics offers easy financing options to make duodenal switch surgery more accessible and affordable. The most important thing is to get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.


The total cost of the duodenal switch will be about $7,500. This includes travel, lodging, and all surgery-related costs. The price may vary depending on your specific case. Speak with a representative from ALO Bariatrics today to get more insight into what’s included in your pricing.

Gastric Sleeve$4,900
Gastric Bypass$6,500
ByPass Distal$7,000
Sadis (single anastomosis DS)$7,200
Duodenal Switch$7,500
Band Removal (includes revision)$4,900

To help make duodenal switch surgery more affordable, ALO Bariatrics offers financing options.

Insurance Coverage

Duodenal switch surgery is often covered by insurance. However, coverage can vary. Be sure to contact your provider directly to learn about your coverage. The team at our bariatric surgery centers in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico can help with the filing process.

A Patient-Centered Approach to Treating Obesity


Jennifer Tawdi
Jennifer Tawdi
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I received the best care at ALO Bariatrics TJ location, the whole medical staff amazing! I promise you will not regret allowing them to give you the tool to kick obesity out of your life. I'm forever grateful.
Pam Kirouac
Pam Kirouac
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Wow. Exceeded my expectations after doing over a year and a half of research into gastric sleeve. I had a friend recommend ALÔ and it was the best decision of my life! The care, attention, treatment, communication, everything was top notch.

A Closer Look at Duodenal Switch Surgery

The Duodenal Switch Procedure


At all our practice sites, we provide minimally invasive techniques that lead to optimal outcomes for bariatric patients, all at an affordable price. Our medical tourism packages allow you to undergo life-changing cosmetic surgery while immersing yourself in Mexico’s attractions and cultural activities.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, we will take the time to thoroughly discuss your weight-loss goals and determine the best surgery option for you. Depending on your specific needs, our experienced bariatric surgeons may recommend a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass procedure instead.

General Anesthesia

Our bariatric surgeons ensure your comfort by administering general anesthesia and local anesthetic during surgery while closely watching your vitals throughout the procedure. Using a minimally invasive laparoscopic approach, a duodenal switch begins with a sleeve gastrectomy.

Laparoscopic Surgery

ALO Bariatrics performs laparoscopic weight loss surgery. This means that our bariatric surgeons use small articulate instruments and only make small incisions. This avoids the need for open surgery, reduces surgical risks, leaves few visible scars, and improves patient comfort and healing times.

Altering Stomach Size

This surgery reduces the size of the stomach by approximately 70 to 80 percent. This new, smaller stomach holds a significantly smaller amount of food, so you eat less and lose weight fast. After reducing the stomach size, we reroute part of the small intestines.

Adjusting the Intestine

For optimal digestion, we carefully join the ileum and the duodenum just beyond the stomach. We then connect the remaining portions of the small intestine responsible for transporting digestive fluids from the liver and pancreas to the small intestine. This arrangement allows for the blending of digestive fluids with food, facilitating the digestion process. Rerouting parts of the intestines leads to decreased calorie absorption and weight loss.

Finishing the Surgical Procedure

To minimize the risk of developing complications from the procedure, we reinforce the staples with sutures. This helps prevent gastric leaks and other complications during the crucial early stages of healing. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we strive to provide you with the best possible care throughout your bariatric surgery journey.

Contact Our Weight Loss Specialists


If you’re searching for bariatric options and have a BMI of 50 or higher, a duodenal switch might be the perfect solution for you. Our board-certified bariatric specialists have decades of experience treating bariatric patients from all over the world. During a consultation with our skilled surgeons, we’ll work to create a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your wellness goals. For more information, reach out to ALO Bariatric online or contact our weight-loss surgery center by phone.

Recovering from Surgery

Adhering to your surgeons and care team’s instructions after surgery is crucial to your success. After the duodenal switch procedure, patients will follow a liquid diet for approximately two weeks.

Patients will gradually transition to pureed food for an additional two weeks and then slowly reintroduce soft foods and solids into their diet. It is important to eat slowly and chew thoroughly.
Patients who undergo duodenal switch surgery will consume small, nutritious meals high in protein but low in sugar and unhealthy fats. To prevent nutritional deficiencies, it is essential to take vitamin and mineral supplements. These supplements ensure that patients meet their daily recommended intake of iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamins A, K, D, and B12.

Most patients can return to work after two weeks, but it is important to avoid strenuous physical activities for up to six weeks after surgery. While activities like running and heavy cardio should be avoided, patients are encouraged to engage in daily walks to promote circulation and enhance the healing process.

At ALO Bariatrics, we provide comprehensive post-operative care instructions to our patients. We also offer a detailed list of vitamins and minerals that will require supplementation, as well as free nutritionist consultations before, during, and after surgery with tailored packages for a personalized approach to your weight-loss journey. If you have any questions or concerns during your healing process, our team is here to assist you.

Why You Should Choose ALO Bariatrics


Come and experience the reasons why so many have chosen medical tourism and ALO Bariatrics to address their bariatric surgery needs. Luxury accommodations, stress-free travel arrangements, bundled pricing, and a personal driver during your stay are all part of what sets us apart from other bariatric centers.

Our skilled surgeons, led by Dr. Lopez, are dedicated to providing exceptional care for our patients. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta offer the latest laparoscopic procedures, ensuring minimal scarring and faster recovery. With years of experience and thousands of successful surgeries under our belts, our board-certified surgeons are among the most experienced in the world.

Accredited by reputable organizations, we maintain high standards of patient care and safety. Choosing ALO Bariatrics for your weight-loss surgery in Mexico not only saves you money, but also guarantees top-quality care that’s safe, affordable, and effective.

Your Success Is Our Goal


Jim Kirkbride
Jim Kirkbride
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I highly recommend the team at ALO Bariatrics. Sandra is amazing at providing details and ensuring you are their #1 priority. Dr Lopez is a gifted surgeon with vast experience in bariatric procedures. The Tijuana facilities are clean, safe, well staffed and dedicated to protecting the patients’ dignity and care. If you are thinking about weight loss surgery as a health or cosmetic option, ALO should be your choice.
LaToya Stamper
LaToya Stamper
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I would recommend this practice go anyone seeking bariatric surgery. Dr. Lopez and the hospital staff at Hospital Guadalajara were great, and my coordinator Sandra was awesome. I felt safe the entire time and the hotel staff at the Marriott provided the best service Ive ever had at a hotel. No regrets here.

Make a Positive Change in Your Life


Undergoing weight loss surgery may be just what you need to reduce your BMI and improve your general health and wellness. ALO Bariatrics is here to help.

During a consultation at our offices in Tijuana, Guadalajara, or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we’ll go over the risks and benefits associated with surgery. This will help you make an informed decision about your surgical options.

Make a change today. To schedule a consultation, contact our practice online. You can also call our team of weight loss specialists at:

Our bariatric surgeons have your best interests in mind.


Duodenal Switch FAQs

These two surgeries share some similarities in how they help you lose weight, but they also have distinct characteristics. The duodenal switch involves completely removing a large portion of your stomach. Gastric bypass doesn’t involve permanently removing any portion of your stomach but creates a smaller pouch at the top that serves as the stomach. The duodenal switch is a more complex procedure and carries more risk than gastric bypass. However, it also results in the most significant amount of weight loss and is usually reserved for someone who has a very high BMI and those who are obese with other weight-related comorbidities. A duodenal switch also has a higher success rate of controlling diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.
If your previous weight-loss surgery was not successful, there is still hope for you to lose those extra pounds. A revision procedure can be done to help you achieve further weight loss. The good news is that many other types of bariatric surgeries, such as gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) and gastric bypass surgery, can be converted into a duodenal switch. This means you have various options available to explore and find the best solution for your weight-loss journey.
Performed in the right hands, duodenal switch is a very safe surgery. Working with your care team at ALO Bariatrics to follow the pre- and post-procedure instructions will greatly increase the safety of a duodenal switch. Complications from comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease are far more dangerous than any bariatric surgery you choose to take. As you lose weight, your risk of complications from other diseases will also decrease. Opting for the duodenal switch can be the perfect choice to reach long-term health and overall well-being.
When it comes to the duodenal switch procedure, it’s important to understand that it comes with some potential risks. These risks include the possibility of experiencing malnutrition, developing gallstones, and even facing bowel obstruction. However, during your visit to our offices in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, we will take the time to discuss all of these potential complications thoroughly with you. You’ll be empowered to decide if the surgery is right for you.
Weight gain is possible after any type of bariatric surgery, but the main concern is a significant regain of the initial weight loss. Factors like diet, physical activity, and other health conditions can influence whether you regain weight or not. However, duodenal switch patients are less likely to regain weight compared to those who had other bariatric procedures. This surgery promotes both restrictive and malabsorptive weight loss, making it more effective for long-term weight maintenance.

After your surgery, while working with a dietician from ALO Bariatrics, it’s important to follow your specific diet plan to aid in your recovery. Initially, you’ll be on a liquid diet to promote healing. As you progress, you can gradually introduce solid foods back into your routine. To maintain a healthy diet, consider incorporating lean sources of protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat milk and dairy products.

"I'm forever grateful."


Kiera Cook
Kiera Cook
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I did numerous hours of research before considering ALO Bariatrics because of the dangers of medical tourism. Once I convinced my mom (a 20+ year RN) that I had done enough research and that he was licensed and had a great record I had the gastric sleeve performed in Puerta Vallarta and it was an amazing experience. After 3 years I have lost close to 100 lbs and am doing well. No complications and I have several underlying health issues prior you. I got clearance from my US doctors prior to traveling for my surgery. (Cardiologist and Endocrine) who worked with me to make sure I was prepared for the procedure. The hospital was clean (cleaner than any us hospital I've ever seen) the doctors were pleasant and knowledgeable and very great at communicating what to expect. On top of all that thr recovery resort was absolutely beautiful and the beach recovery was so relaxing. In conclusion this was one of the best decisions I've ever made!
Read More
Wow. Exceeded my expectations after doing over a year and a half of research into gastric sleeve. I had a friend recommend ALÔ and it was the best decision of my life! The care, attention, treatment, communication, everything was top notch. Any misconceptions or doubts you have about Mexico, Tijuana or “foreign medical care” doesn’t apply here. 100% would recommend to anyone. Dr Lopez was incredible! Did my surgery Aug 23 2019 and already down 85 lbs! 60 to go.... UPDATE: it is just over a year from my surgery and I am down to about 185 lbs. from the original 330! Some new encounters with heartburn, but have managed it well with antacids. I am LOVING the new me!

Related Resources on Duodenal Switch

Does Duodenal Switch Surgery Leave Scars?

Does bariatric surgery leave scars?

Duodenal switch surgery can leave scars, but the surgical technique your team uses will significantly contribute to the size and number of visible scars. ALO Bariatrics uses minimally invasive surgical techniques that help minimize scarring for patients.

SADI-S vs Duodenal Switch: What’s the Difference?

Doctor with bariatric surgery patient.

SADI-S, or single anastomosis duodenal-ileal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy, is a more advanced version of the duodenal switch in Tijuana. Fewer reconnections mean it’s a less invasive surgery and has lower risks of complications.

Do I Qualify for Duodenal Switch Surgery?

A patient at an appointment with a bariatric surgeon in Mexico.

Duodenal switch surgery in Mexico isn’t for patients who just need to lose a few pounds; it’s a powerful surgical choice for those who are severely overweight and need drastic change. Typically, candidates with a BMI of 50 or more are good candidates for a duodenal switch.