¿Las Redes Sociales Generan Sobrepeso?

La obesidad es un problema de salud que afecta la calidad de vida, los sistemas de atención médica y la economía de todos los países que sufren este padecimiento en cantidad elevada.  La también llamada “epidemia mundial el siglo XXI” va en ascenso a nivel mundial. De acuerdo a la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), se […]

5 Worst don’ts + 5 back up plans to get back on track

1. Obsess over a number in the scale A number in the scale does not define you. This isn’t the only valid value to measure your progress, it’s just the most common. Your body weight will fluctuate, especially during the first few months and obsessing over it won’t help you at all. FOCUS ON HOW […]

Top 10 – Best foods for bariatric surgery

After a bariatric surgery, your body will need to recover and get the best benefits food can give you. As you progress through your journey, your diet will evolve from a clear-liquid diet to a full one. While your doctor knows best what food items you should include – and which ones you should avoid, we […]