Scheduled and Surgical Process


Contact us through our “contact” page, or calling 844-461-2831.

Our coordinator will send you the information regarding pricing and packages, and link to complete a health questionnaire online. The bariatric surgeon will evaluate that questionnaire and coordinator will contact you either via email or phone call to inform of status. Our medical staff can help you on the decision about the best surgery for you.

Select your surgeon.

ALO Bariatrics offers the best two world renowned accredited and certified bariatric surgeons.

Dr. Alejandro Lopez

Dr. Salvador Ramirez


This location is right next door to San Diego, CA. The airport you would fly into is the San Diego international Airport, this way, if you are from the USA, you will have the benefit price of an national flight. Our driver will be waiting for your arrival and drive you to Tijuana, it is approximate 20-25 minute drive.

Our hospital and hotel are located in “Zona Río” in Tijuana, which is a very nice area in Tijuana.

Hospital: COSMED
Hotel: Marriott (alternative hotel if vacancy is not available > Lucerna Hotel)

Puerto Vallarta

The hospital in Puerto Vallarta specializes in bariatric surgery, it has full service, ICU and emergencies. Located within 10 minutes walking distance from Paradise Village hotel resort.

You would be flying directly to the international airport of Puerto Vallarta, the advantage on this airport is that many places from Canada and USA, has now direct flights to the location.

This location is a beautiful touristic area, where many foreign people come for vacations and retirement. You can enjoy a small vacation in this small paradise at the same time that you recover from surgery.

Hospital: San Javier Riviera
Hotel: Paradise Village Resort. (alternative hotel if vacancy is not available > Sheraton Hotel)


Guadalajara is one of the most important and safe cities in Mexico, well renowned for its medical advances. The hospital in this location is internationally renowned, it has full services, including ICU and emergencies.

You would be flying directly to the international airport of Guadalajara, the advantage on this airport is that many places from Canada and USA, has now direct flights to the location.

Hospital: Real San José
Hotel: Ejecutivo Express (alternative hotel if vacancy is not available > Malibu Hotel)

Select date of surgery.

Please discuss dates with your coordinator, she will provide dates of availability for the location and surgeon you are considering.

Schedule surgery

After you have received approval notification to proceed with surgery and you have established the date for your surgery, a 500.00 deposit is required to reserve your surgery date. The coordinator will discuss methods of payment available to make the deposit.

Pre and Post dietary instructions will be provided

Once deposit has been made. Your coordinator will provide the instructions that are mandatory to follow. You will have 2 nutritionist from our team to provide assistance for any of your dietary concerns

What should I expect while in Mexico?

ALO Bariatrics staff will give you the most compassionate care. Our coordinators, nurses, doctors and nutritionist will be on top of your necessities to help you through the entire process.

Depending on the procedure you chose is the total nights you will stay in Mexico.

  • 3 nights for lap band.
  • 4 nights for gastric sleeve procedure
  • 5 nights for duodenal switch or bypass procedures.

A few days before surgery you will receive an email from the coordinator of your selected surgery location. This email will contain information regarding your arrival and your stay in Tijuana/Puerto Vallarta/Guadalajara.

Your surgery in México

ALO Bariatrics offers only certified hospitals, certified doctors and staff and uses only best quality material, to ensure our patients safety and satisfaction.
The bariatric procedure is performed by laparoscopic approach and surgery time can vary for each individual and weight loss procedure. Family members can wait from one to 3 hours. After your surgery is completed, your family member will be advised of your progress.
Recovery varies with each patient. Most patients are up and walking within a few hours of the surgery and experience only mild discomfort, other patients sleep longer and are under anesthesia effects more time. Pain medications are provided. As soon as you feel recovered from the anesthesia, the recommendation is to start walking.

Nights you will stay in the hospital:

Sleeve surgery: Two nights at our Tijuana Location. One night at our Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta locations.
Bypass surgery: 2 nights
Duodenal switch surgery: 2 nights.