Post-Surgical Instructions


– Start walking slowly when you are back to your room after surgery, and keep walking constantly during the next days. This is for a better and faster recovery of the discomfort caused by the gas and anesthesia used at surgery. – You will stay from one to two nights in the hospital, depending on the procedure done and the physician´s opinion. – Don’t drink liquids until the fluoroscopy test is done, which is the day after surgery. (Before this, just take ice chips to calm the thirst). – You will have a drain, which will be removed 2 or 3 days after surgery. Even with drain placed, you can bath and have regular activities. – Don´t do heavy lifting for 6 weeks, this is to prevent complication in your incisions. – Follow the post-op diet. (1 week clear liquids, 1 week full liquids, 1 week soft diet, and from the 4th week on, you can have complete diet). **See your post-op diet file.


– For better results, remember to follow up with a nutritionist. *You can also join our private FB support group where you will receive nutrition information and support from other patients – Start taking your multivitamins 2 weeks after surgery. – The Laboratory tests may be at the 3rd, 9th an 15th month after surgery. And those may include: * Lipids, *CBC (complete blood count), *Blood Chemistry, *Albumin, *Total protein, *Iron tests, *Vitamins and trace minerals, *Electrolytes.


Post Bariatric Surgery. Open and download PDF file with complete Post Bariatric Surgery Instructions. Click here to download file