Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Sleeve: What’s the Difference?

Gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass

Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Sleeve: What’s the Difference?

Mexico is an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism, especially with gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery. Advances in healthcare have afforded patients searching for weight loss solutions multiple choices for bariatric procedures. Two of the most popular and successful procedures are the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Knowing the differences between gastric sleeve vs gastric bypass will help you prepare for a consultation with a bariatric specialist when you decide to take action with your weight. 

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Gastric Sleeve vs. Gastric Bypass 

Obesity is a significant health concern around the world, and for individuals struggling with their weight, bariatric surgery can offer life-changing results. Two common bariatric procedures are the gastric sleeve (or sleeve gastrectomy) and the gastric bypass (roux-en-Y gastric bypass). Both surgeries offer substantial weight loss for patients and improvement in weight-related health conditions; however, they differ in how they achieve their excellent outcomes.

What is a Gastric Sleeve? 

Gastric sleeves are one of the primary weight loss procedures performed by ALO Bariatrics. The procedure is performed by a surgeon who begins by removing 75-85% of the stomach. After the removal, only a small, banana-shaped “sleeve” is left as the new stomach. The gastric sleeve does not involve your small intestine, so it has minimal effect on nutrient absorption, which is a benefit compared to other forms of surgery.

A smaller stomach holds much less food, leading to a smaller calorie intake. You’ll feel fuller faster after a gastric sleeve procedure, which will help you lose weight. Gastric sleeve is highly effective, and patients typically experience sustained weight loss.

ALO Bariatrics is an expert at performing gastric sleeve procedures. Our skilled surgeons are standing by to help with any additional questions you have about this procedure.

What is a Gastric Bypass? 

Gastric bypass, also known as roux-en-Y gastric bypass, is a common bariatric procedure offered by ALO Bariatrics. Highly skilled surgeons create a small pouch by stapling the upper part of the stomach together. The small intestines are then rerouted to the newly created smaller pouch.

Since the small intestines are rerouted, gastric bypass surgery can significantly alter the digestive processes. This includes decreasing the absorption of key nutrients. Gastric bypass is considered a restrictive and malabsorptive surgery. It’s restrictive because the stomach is made smaller. It’s malabsorptive because the rerouting of the small intestine causes a degree of malabsorption that promotes weight loss.

Gastric bypass has proven to be an effective possibility for those struggling with their weight. ALO Bariatrics offers minimally invasive techniques to help perform this surgery and minimize the risk of complications.

To discover more about how you could benefit from gastric bypass, set up a consultation with ALO Bariatrics today.

Key Differences 

Gastric bypass and gastric sleeves are two of the most popular procedures at ALO Bariatrics. Below are some of the key differences between the surgeries.

  • A gastric sleeve only makes your stomach smaller. This means you will feel fuller faster and consume less calories. 
  • Gastric bypass also changes how your body absorbs food by rerouting your small intestines. This malabsorptive component of gastric bypass can lead to a more rapid weight loss, especially in the beginning stages after the surgery.

Another factor to consider is how these procedures affect the absorption of nutrients.

  • The gastric sleeve doesn’t involve any cuts or rerouting of the small intestine, so the procedure shouldn’t affect digestion or absorption. 
  • Gastric bypass requires the small intestine to be cut and rerouted. You won’t absorb nutrients as efficiently as you should and will need to be on dietary supplements long-term. 

Side effects from the surgeries may be slightly different. Dumping syndrome is common after some bariatric procedures. Dumping syndrome is where the food you consume moves faster through your intestines than what you’re used to. This can result in nausea, sweating, increased heart rate, and diarrhea.

  • Gastric sleeves have no risk of developing dumping syndrome. 
  • Gastric bypass has a higher rate of people who develop dumping syndrome due to the rerouting of the small intestines.

If, for any reason, you want the option to reverse the surgery, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right procedure.

  • A gastric sleeve is harder to reverse and may not be possible in many situations.
  • Gastric bypass reversal is complicated, but it can be done.

Which surgery will best suit your weight loss needs, goals, and lifestyle is a discussion best had with an experienced surgeon. ALO Bariatrics has caregivers available as soon as today to start planning the next steps in your weight loss journey.

How We Choose the Right Weight Loss Surgery For You 

At ALO Bariatrics, we tailor your weight loss program to each individual’s needs. When you speak with our knowledge team at ALO Bariatrics, we will obtain information to help you make an informed decision.  

We’ll discuss the following topics in detail to make sure we suggest the best procedure for you: 

  • Health History: Discussing your current health conditions and how your weight impacts those are important topics to cover. History of weight loss attempts and other conditions you have, like diabetes or high blood pressure, are good to cover in depth.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): This is a measurement of how overweight you are based on your height and assigned birth gender. The higher the BMI, the more overweight you are for your height. Some procedures offer significantly more weight loss and may be better for only extremely obese patients. 
  • Goals and Preferences: ALO Bariatrics is on your side during this process. We want to make sure you’re making an informed decision that will help you reach your weight loss goals. 
  • Mental and Physical Readiness: With patient safety as a priority, we want to make sure that you are mentally and physically ready for a life-changing bariatric procedure. Some health conditions may make some procedures riskier than others. Mental health can make an impact on your recovery and should not compromise your surgery. Making sure patients are in it for the long term will lead to higher success rates. 
  • Complete Care Team Assessment: ALO Bariatrics takes a multidisciplinary approach to assess candidates for bariatric surgery. You will speak with a nutritionist in addition to your surgeon, who will get background on your eating habits. Having our team be on the same page as you help clarify your weight loss goals. 

ALO Bariatrics has all patients undergo a thorough evaluation to make sure they are physically and mentally ready for bariatric surgery in Mexico.

How is Your Overall Health? 

An evaluation by medical professionals will help ensure you’re physically and mentally ready for the procedure. Pre-existing conditions with your lungs or heart need to be well-managed so that you don’t have any complications during your surgery.

After surgery, there will be a lot of changes you’ll need to get used to. Long-term success for weight loss relies on keeping a healthy lifestyle and listening to your ALO Bariatrics team.

What is the Right Surgical Approach? 

You and your surgeon will decide on the right surgical approach. After a thorough evaluation of your health conditions, BMI, and medical history, our surgeon will provide you with your options. Making an informed decision about the risks, costs, benefits, and goals of a gastric sleeve vs a gastric bypass procedure is a team effort.

Keep in mind your personal preferences, lifestyle, and ability to commit to post-surgery instructions, as these are important parts of making sure your surgery is a success.

What Are Your Motivations? 

If you’re ready to make a positive change to improve your quality of life and address any obesity-related health issues, bariatric surgery may be right for you. 

Losing excess weight is a game-changer. You’ll be able to regain mobility, boost your self-esteem, and decrease the emotional stress associated with being overweight. Remember, bariatric surgery requires a long-term commitment to changing your lifestyle. Be sure to discuss your goals and motivations with your bariatric specialist at ALO Bariatrics.

What are the Risks and Benefits? 

As with all surgery, there’s a level of risk. Complications include nutrient deficiencies and gastrointestinal side effects. You’ll need to decide if the benefits of the surgery outweigh the risks.

Benefits include substantial weight loss, improved overall health, and a better quality of life. Speak with one of our compassionate bariatric specialists today to outline the risks and benefits a bariatric surgery might have for you.

Seek Expert Guidance at ALO Bariatrics 

Bariatric procedures are more affordable and safer than ever. If you’re considering undergoing a life-changing procedure to tackle your weight problems, give us a call. ALO Bariatrics provides safe, compassionate, affordable care in three different locations in Mexico. There’s a reason why so many are turning to bariatric surgery with ALO Bariatrics. 

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