Bariatric Revision



Bariatric Revision Surgery

A bariatric revision surgery, in Mexico, is used to correct prior weight loss surgery that has failed. If you have unresolved complications or if you have not achieved your desired weight loss, a revision operation might be right for you.

Bariatric revision operations often convert the failed procedure to one that is better suited for the patient. In these cases, revision surgery may result in a tremendous improvement for the patient. These procedures can usually be done laparoscopically (with small incisions). However, in some cases a large incision must be made in order to complete the operation safely.

Whether reasons for seeking revision weight loss surgery are due to inadequate weight loss / weight regain, unresolved co-morbidities and/or medical complications, there is likely a revision solution to these problems.


ALO Bariatrics expertise
in bariatric revision surgeries

The amount of complex revision surgical cases that have seeked us internationally for failed surgeries elsewhere, made us experts in the most complex surgeries within the Bariatric field.

Bypass Revision

Patients who have had previous open or laparoscopic Bypass surgery and who have later regained weight come to us to have a laparoscopic revision to reconstruct their previous Bypass, with current techniques and modifications that we have performed over the years and in hundreds of cases; We’ve proven that this technique is effective for the revision surgical case so they can start losing weight again.

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To find out more about bariatric revision surgery, including the benefits, risks, and possible complications, contact us today. Dr. Alejandro Lopez is a widely recognized and highly respected weight loss surgeon and has performed more than 5,000 weight loss surgery procedures. He will provide you with an extensive examination and consultation to discuss your candidacy for bariatric revision surgery.

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