There are important nutritional aspects that require your attention before your upcoming Bariatric Surgery; are you on top of them?

First, you should Consult a Registered Dietitian. A professional that can identify your nutritional needs and provide you with the most accurate information to ensure your Weight Loss Success.

Second, Get started with a personalized pre-surgery meal plan. This plan should be devised taking into consideration whether or not you have any other medical conditions, current nutritional intake, weight history, lab works and your willingness to make dietary changes as well as your overall knowledge of nutrition.

Lastly, a Two week Low Calorie-High Protein Diet. A supervised diet to help you reduce the size of your liver and the amount of abdominal fat prior to surgery; the objective is to reduce the risks of complications during your bariatric procedure. At times, the Low Calorie-High Protein meal plan uses protein shakes as a meal replacement, usually four to five times a day.

Also, consider to join support groups, there are many other people preparing to go through similar journeys which in turn can offer valuable support and encouragement.

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