Congratulations! You have decided to undergo a life changing Weight loss Surgery. Your body and health are about to change for the better; nevertheless, you must be aware on how this changes will affect your Post-op daily life and start preparing in accordance.

The first and most noticeable change post-surgery is the progressive and long term weight loss! Also, an overall health improvement and better quality of life associated with it.

Dr. Alejandro Lopez founder and chief bariatric surgeon at ALO Bariatrics in Tijuana Mexico, has been performing the most effective Weight loss procedures such as Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding, Duodenal Switch  and Bariatric Revision surgeries, for more than 9 years now and will advise you on how to ease back to your daily routine and how to overcome the challenges ahead.

There are many dietary challenges to which you will gradually adjust. You will regain some form of appetite back around 6 to 18 months after having your surgery yet, you will find that said appetite is not as strong as it once was and can now be easily satisfied.

Your improved health state and long term weight loss goals depend greatly on healthier food choices and exercise.

When should you start exercising? Immediately, you will take short slow paced walks even still at the hospital. Remember, is paramount to start slow; do not overdo it; let your body tell you what it can handle; build slowly during the course of several weeks.

For most people exercise is important for stress and appetite control rather than burning off calories. However as time goes by we tend to become more sedentary and inactivity can make us frail by losing bone and muscle density reasons why we should always keep active.

Work, work, work!

Most patients must return to work after one or two weeks however, you might find that a normal work day is suddenly too much, the reason is you will have low energy for some time after surgery and might have to take it slow; perhaps have a few half days, or work every other day at least for the first week. Can’t argue that’s huge since most jobs want you to resume activities right away; just keep in mind that you have to take care of your health and that of others in the workplace.

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