You have made a decision and taken a step to improve your health, ultimately to be happier. An unsettling misconception about Bariatric Surgery is that Post-op life tends to be miserable especially in account of food restrictions (although everyone adjusts differently to lifestyle changes) this notion could not be more inaccurate; the fact is you won’t even be that much concerned by hunger since bariatric procedures reduces it by decreasing the secretion of the “hunger hormone” Ghrelin produced by the stomach.

Weight loss is then achieved naturally and gradually and you won’t have to fight hunger anymore which is most helpful when attempting to lose weight.

By now, you know that Weight loss through surgery is a journey and it’s paramount you’re aware that “Slow” is key on everything regarding said process.

The point when a Bariatric Surgery patient might start enjoying solid foods usually comes 8-16 weeks Post-op and here’s where it gets exciting; the reason being that you have a new opportunity to try new recipes and to get creative; also, find inspiration in other bariatric surgery patients experiences and many resources out there on the web. Nevertheless, remember the following as a mantra and you’ll be off to a great start: High protein, Low fat and Low sugar!

Of course you have to watch your portions but don’t worry there are many tips out there on how to tackle this feat: How to realistically measure my food.

Here we share some guidelines that will help you reach your weight loss goals whilst keeping your body and doctor happy:

  • Eat protein first, then vegetables and lastly the carbohydrates
  • Choose lean protein, low fat and low sugar
  • Eat slowly and stop when full. Take tiny bites and chew them A lot!
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Take your vitamins, calcium and other supplements recommended for you

Dr. Alejandro Lopez chief bariatric surgeon at ALO Bariatrics specializes in Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Gastric Banding Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Duodenal Switch Surgery and Bariatric Revision Surgeries in Tijuana, Mexico.