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Top 10 – Best health benefits

Having a bariatric surgery will turn your life 180º! It will make you try and enjoy new things and will give you the opportunity to have a better life. We have rounded up the best health benefits a bariatric surgery can give you!

1. Improved overall health

Every bariatric patient will tell you how much their lives have improved. They enjoy new activities; they have a new relationship with food and with the people around them! Bariatric surgery enables patients to reclaim their lives and become the best version they can be!


2. Improved fertility

Obesity-related problems such as menstrual abnormalities like amenorrhea, and hormonal imbalances, including a high level of a hormone called leptin; can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Additionally, obesity can trigger anovulation, an imbalance that stops eggs from being released by the ovaries. Women who have a bariatric surgery experience a surge in their fertility, hence a higher chance to getting pregnant. Studies have proven that a moderate weight loss improves the fertility and changes of conceiving!

 3. Less risk of cancer

An excess of visceral fat affects how your body manages certain hormones which can lead to cancer by affecting cell division and death. Additionally, excess fat leads to a low-oxygen environment which in turn triggers inflammation. Long-term inflammation can cause cancer. Obese patients are especially prone to develop colorectal, esophageal, kidney and pancreatic cancer. By reducing your body weight, you can reduce inflammation and help your body manage hormones better.


4. Improved mobility

Obesity affects the musculoskeletal health and independence. The quality of your muscles and tissues decreases as they become infiltrated with fat. This intrusion can cause pain and restrained mobility, this is particularly true for aging obese patients. However, after a sustainable weight loss process, your tissues and muscles will start to regenerate and things that seemed dauting, like climbing a flight of stairs, will become a breeze!


5. Less risk of diabetes type 2

Diabetes type 2 occurs when blood sugar levels are too high, and your body does not make enough insulin to metabolize them. Metabolic and physical changes in bariatric surgeries, especially gastric bypass, adjust the way the pancreas and gut interact; controlling diabetes even before weight loss occurs!


6. Eliminate sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea affects an estimate of 15 million Americans! This condition is closely related to obesity. Excess weight creates a fat deposit around the neck which can block the air when sleeping. This reduced airflow causes snoring and a bad night sleep. A lack of good rest cand lead to an increase in bodyweight, turning the sleep apnea into a vicious cycle. However, after a bariatric procedure, there is a reduction of fatty deposits in the neck and tongue and a reduction in abdominal fat, which increases lung volume and capacity!


7. Reduction of joint pain

Did you know that obese individuals are 20 times more likely to need a knee replacement than those that are not overweight? Obesity contributes to arthritis, soft tissue damage and a progressive wear-tear disease of the joints. Every pound of body weight place four to six pounds of pressure, so it’s no brainer why bariatric patients suffer from joint pain in a daily basis. However, this tiring condition can be controlled through a sustainable weight loss. As your weight decreases, your joints need to handle less pressure and are alleviated and don’t need to work as hard.


8. Better mental health.

Anxiety and depression are linked to poor food choices and an increase in weight. Many individuals turn to food as a coping mechanism, according to the CDC, about 43% of adults with depression are obese. There is no way around it, physical health is a reflection of our state of mind. After a bariatric procedure and a sustainable weight loss, patients turn to healthy choices and an active lifestyle. A bariatric procedure accompanied by therapy can help you reduce mental conditions.


9. COVID-19 and its complications

Obesity impairs our immune response and leads to chronic inflammation; this condition impedes our immune system from working at its best. Thanks to bariatric surgery your immune system will recover, and blood clots will become less common. After the considerable weight loss, you will experience, your lungs will be able to, literary, catch a breath!


10. High blood pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, can lead to heart disease, liver disease, strokes and heart failure. As your weight increases, you heart needs to pump blood with more force, so after a reduction of weight, your heart won’t need as much force. Eventually, bariatric patients can decrease the amount of medicines they take to control blood pressure and hence avoid the other complications related to this condition.


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