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Bariatric Revision Surgery in Puerto Vallarta

Did a previous bariatric surgery fail to help you lose weight?

Our certified staff at the Hospital San Javier Rivera can perform bariatric revision surgery to help you achieve the results you need

Our state-of-the-art practice in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, provides life-changing results for far less than what you would pay in the U.S.

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The goal of bariatric surgery is to yield life-long weight loss benefits. But if this treatment results in weight gain, GERD, or any other medical complications, bariatric revision surgery by our certified doctors can correct these issues and put you on the path to a healthier life. As our patient, you can expect state-of-the-art care, exceptional safety, and excellent results for thousands less than what surgery costs elsewhere in North America.

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Puerto Vallarta Hospital

We Provide Lasting Weight Loss Surgery Results "My results are more than I imagined was possible."


David Alexander


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My results are more than I imagined was possible. I'm down 155 pounds in 6 months. I went to an annual screening that my employer requires and the numbers were the best in 30 years. The staff was professional and efficient 6 months ago as well. My biggest regret is that I waited so long to get the surgery!

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Jose Martin del Campo


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Had surgery with the ALO team 8 months ago and It was an incredible experience. They were very professional, and they were very patient with me. As a physician , I can say the quality of care that I saw in this hospital was on par with american facilities. Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat

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The ALO Bariatric Difference Why People From All Over the World Choose Us

Our Staff

Every bariatric surgeon and staff member at our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, location is accredited by international health care organizations. Our lead surgeon and founder, Dr. Alejandro López, has performed over 7,000 bariatric surgeries. His research in multiple areas of weight loss surgery and obesity has been published and studied by practitioners worldwide.

Affordable Care

Bariatric surgery in Mexico can save you thousands of dollars. At our Puerto Vallarta location, you can get the life-changing bariatric surgery you need at a much lower cost without sacrificing quality. Our hospital accepts cash, all major credit cards, money orders, financing, and International Medical Travel Services and Benefits.

Customized Treatment

There are many options for revision bariatric surgery. Our experienced bariatric staff gets to know each patient's unique needs and will recommend treatment based on what will suit you best. Each patient is also assigned a personal concierge to ensure their needs are met and they have the best experience possible.

About Hospital San Javier Rivera ​Our State-of-the-Art Facility in Puerto Vallarta

Hospital San Javier Rivera is a top-tier facility that uses only the most sophisticated medical technology, and adheres to the strictest sterilization and safety standards. This facility offers many services, including 24-hour emergency care. Many of our staff members are bilingual, helping you to feel comfortable and confident whether your native language is English or Spanish. It is a certified specialty hospital that can meet the needs of every patient, including those undergoing bariatric surgery. 
Puerto Vallarta Hospital interior

The Cost Of Bariatric Surgery At Our Puerto Vallarta Location

Many people from the U.S. and beyond choose our Puerto Vallarta location to have their weight loss surgery because we provide world-class care at an affordable price. Our medical tourism package is significantly more economical than options in other countries. The price you see below covers your surgery, hospital bills, doctor's fees, hotel stay, transportation, and more. Contact our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, location to discover how we can change your life through weight loss surgery at a price you can afford.

Location Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass Duodenal Switch LAP-BAND
Tijuana $4,700 $6,300 $6,800 $5,700
Puerto Vallarta $4,900 $6,500 $7,200 $5,900
Guadalajara - Real San Jose $5,300 $7,000 $7,700 $6,300
Guadalajara - Puerta de Hierro $4,700 $6,300 $6,800 $5,700

Ready To Correct Your Previous Bariatric Procedure? Contact ALO Bariatrics Today

The entire staff at ALO Bariatrics, from the front desk to your bariatric surgeon, is committed to helping you achieve a healthy and happy life. We work hard to ensure you have the best possible experience at each interaction. From your initial phone call to recovery, we are here to help you accomplish dramatic weight loss. When you choose ALO Bariatrics for your revision surgery, you are choosing a staff that is dedicated to your lasting success. 

Contact our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, location to start the process of your revision surgery.

(844) 461-2831

ALO Bariatrics Staff

We Strive To Provide the Best Experience And Lasting Results


Javana Drogaris


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I can honestly say I had a great experience, from getting picked up until the day I left. Eduardo our driver was very nice and friendly I’m very grateful. The hotel we stayed at Marriott was nice and clean and the staff were helpful, courteous and friendly. The day of the surgery got to the hospital was very clean and nice.

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Christina Hurtgen


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Very thorough communication, transportation from and to airport was provided. I went to PV for surgery, hotel was convenient to everything you could need. Dr was top notch, as well as the whole staff I came into contact with. I'm 3 years post op and still have a line of communication when needed. 

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Puerto Vallarta Is a Premier Destination For Medical Tourism

Puerto Vallarta is located right on the coast, making it a great vacation destination. Many of our patients enjoy the many tourist attractions before their life-changing bariatric surgery:
Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

These privately owned gardens showcase the vast array of plant and bird life in Puerto Vallarta. The mission of this botanical garden is to preserve, study, and showcase native plants for locals and tourists alike. By focusing on protecting endangered species and habitats, the Vallarta Botanical Gardens has been the top conservation leader in Mexico for over 16 years. While visiting, you can enjoy several hiking trails throughout the garden and personal hummingbird feeders where you can watch these fascinating creatures eat right out of your hands.

Malecón Boardwalk

Malecón Boardwalk

Along the coast of central Puerto Vallarta is a mile-long boardwalk full of beautiful sculptures, art galleries, shops, and delicious food. You can enjoy the view of the ocean while learning about the culture of the city. This is a particularly great place to view the sunset. 

Cuale River Island bridge

Cuale River Island

If you are looking for a more artistic and cultural experience while in Mexico, the Cuale River Island might be the stop for you. This cultural center is located at the eastern end of the Cuale River Island. It has art exhibits, musical events, poetry, painting, sculpture, dance, theater, music workshops, and more. While you're there, stop in at the Cuale Archaeological Museum to learn more about the Mesoamerican history and culture of the area. 

Puerto Vallarta beach

Gorgeous Beaches

Puerto Vallarta is known for its many beautiful beaches. Each beach has its own unique charm. Some beaches are remote, like the Hidden Beach on the Marieta Islands, and others are full of life and activities, like Los Muertos beach, which is visible from the Malecón. With so many beaches to choose from, you are sure to find one that beckons you.

Puerto Vallarta El Parque de los Azulejos

Art Galleries

Puerto Vallarta is known for its art and culture. There are several galleries and historic centers throughout the city for people to experience and enjoy. You can see majestic statues and gorgeous murals around every corner as you walk along the cobblestone streets of the city. You will be entertained by the beautiful art and the musicians who perform with violins, guitars, and accordions. There are also several cafes along the path for you to stop in, cool off, and enjoy local food and drinks. 

The Best Accommodations For Our Bariatric Patients

Puerto Vallarta
Our surgical facility is located in the Paradise Village complex along with the Paradise Village Hotel. This resort and spa offers its guests comfortable rooms right on the beach as well as a luxury pool and several amenities. Near the hotel is also a mall, casino, and several restaurants that feature local and international cuisine to meet your every craving. This facility gives our patients the feeling of being on vacation before experiencing life-changing weight loss. 

Are You Ready To Experience the Power of Weight Loss? Contact Our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Facility

Struggling to lose weight is frustrating and can have a lasting impact on your overall health and wellbeing. This becomes especially frustrating after you've had bariatric surgery. For bariatric surgery patients who are not achieving weight loss or are experiencing medical complications, our bariatric surgeons can perform revision surgery to allow you to start living a healthier life. 

Contact our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, location today to begin the process.

(844) 461-2831

Puerto Vallarta beach

Our Patients Are Our Priority "I love this place, I have never felt so welcome."


Rogelio Morales


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I love this place , I have never felts  so welcome and so taking care . Dr Alejandro López was amazing. He definitely safe my life . The team on Alo bariatric make you feel secure from the driver all the way to the nurses definitely recommend Alo Bariatrics

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Emily Herron


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the hospital is beautiful, good equipment. I’m a nurse and I researched the heck out of the ALO team and the hospital. They all met my comfort threshold, Dr. Lopez is incredibly well educated and dedicated to his craft.

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Types of Bariatric Surgery Revisions

The type of revision surgery you need depends on the type of bariatric surgery you originally had and the issues you are facing post-operation. You will discuss any complications you are having with one of our weight loss experts so they can determine which surgical option is right for you.

Gastric Sleeve Revision

A gastric sleeve, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical procedure in which the stomach is dramatically reduced in size, making the remaining stomach look like a sleeve. If a previous gastric sleeve procedure has failed to produce your desired results, our bariatric surgeon will start by further reducing the size of your stomach. This conservative approach is typically enough to promote dramatic weight loss. However, if re-sleeving is not a suitable option, a gastric sleeve can be changed into a gastric bypass or duodenal switch (combination of gastric bypass and sleeve). 

Learn More About Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass Revision

Gastric bypass is similar to sleeve gastrectomy in that it reduces the size of your stomach. However, gastric bypass also reroutes your small intestine, which reduces food absorption. If you are not seeing the desired results from a gastric bypass, our bariatric surgeons will start by performing a minimally invasive distal bypass (a gastric bypass variant) to further reduce calorie absorption. If a distal bypass is not a suitable option, they may suggest a duodenal switch or another bariatric procedure. 


LAP-BAND Revision

LAP-BAND surgery has one of the highest revision rates of any bariatric procedure. Patients are prone to regain weight, the band can slip, and the surrounding tissue can become infected. Because of the potential complications surrounding the LAP-BAND bariatric procedure, our surgeons will often recommend removing the LAP-BAND and performing a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass instead. The type of bariatric surgery our surgeon recommends will depend on which one they think will best suit your needs and help you reach your weight loss goals. 

Dramatic Weight Loss Can Have Life-Long Benefits

Before bariatric surgery
After Bariatric Surgery
When previous bariatric surgery has failed, our skilled surgeons can give you the results you need. Our bariatric revisions promote dramatic weight loss, improve your overall health, and minimize the risk of future complications. Learn more about your bariatric revision options during your free consultation.

Other Revision Surgery Options

Only your bariatric surgeon will know which option will best fit your needs and yield the best results. Depending on your needs, your doctor may recommend:

  • Revision to distal bypass
  • Revision from sleeve gastrectomy to distal bypass
  • Revision LAP-BAND to gastric sleeve
  • Revision LAP-BAND to bypass
  • Revision LAP-BAND to mini bypass 
  • Revision LAP-BAND to duodenal switch
  • Revision LAP-BAND to plication
  • Revision LAP-BAND to SADI
  • Revision sleeve to gastric sleeve
  • Revision sleeve to bypass
  • Revision sleeve to mini bypass
  • Revision sleeve to distal bypass
  • Revision sleeve to duodenal switch
  • Revision sleeve to SADI
  • Revision bypass to distal bypass
  • Revision mini bypass to bypass 
  • Revision mini bypass to distal bypass
  • Revision ring to gastric sleeve
  • Revision ring to bypass
  • Revision ring to duodenal switch
  • Revision ring to SADI
  • Revision plication to gastric sleeve
  • Revision plication to bypass
  • Revision plication to mini bypass 
  • Revision plication to distal bypass 
  • Revision plication to duodenal switch  
  • Revision plication to SADI

Want To Learn More About Your Revision Surgery Options? Contact Our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Location

Whether you originally had an unsuccessful LAP-BAND surgery, a gastric sleeve, or another bariatric procedure, you deserve to enjoy the benefits dramatic weight loss can bring to your life. Our experienced and certified bariatric surgeons will review your health history and weight loss goals to determine which revision surgery will give you the best results and the best quality of life moving forward. 

Contact our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, office to start the process and learn more about your revision surgery options.

(844) 461-2831

Hospital bed

Excellent Experience, Excellent Results "I highly recommend the team at ALO Bariatrics."


Jim Kirkbride


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I highly recommend the team at ALO Bariatrics.  Sandra is amazing at providing details and ensuring you are their #1 priority.  Dr Lopez is a gifted surgeon with vast experience in bariatric procedures. 

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Kiera Cook


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I did numerous hours of research before considering ALO Bariatrics because of the dangers of medical tourism. Once I convinced my mom (a 20+ year RN) that I had done enough research and that he was licensed and had a great record I had the gastric sleeve performed in Puerta Vallarta and it was an amazing experience. 

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Revision Surgery Recovery What To Expect

Your recovery will greatly depend on the type of revision you undergo. During your free consultation, we will give you an overview of what your recovery will be like and how long it is expected to take. You will be closely monitored post-operation to ensure a safe recovery with no complications. In general, this is the timeline you can expect:
Follow your surgeon's post-operation instructions to ensure a safe recovery and lasting results.
Follow your surgeon's post-operation instructions to ensure a safe recovery and lasting results.

First Few Days

Immediately after surgery, you will be closely monitored in our hospital so we can watch for any potential complications. Once you are discharged, you will return to your hotel to recover. The hotel is very close to the hospital, so if any complications or issues arise, we can give you immediate attention.

First Few Weeks

Within the following four to six weeks, patients will have a transitional diet, much like they did during their first bariatric surgery. You will start with an all-liquid diet and then slowly transition into solid food. This transitional diet helps patients learn their limits, aids in healing, and helps patients lose excess weight. It is recommended that you walk a few times each day to promote circulation.

Lifestyle Changes

Strenuous activity should be avoided for the first few weeks following your surgical procedure. As you heal and your strength increases, you can start doing light physical exercise and return to work. When you are fully healed, you can incorporate a regular exercise routine to promote and maintain weight loss. Bariatric surgery is a tool to help kickstart a healthy life. Staying physically active and maintaining a healthy diet is the best way to ensure the results of your surgery last. 

Conservative Techniques To Give You the Best Results

Our experienced bariatric surgeons always use the least invasive laparoscopic techniques possible when performing a revision. Laparoscopic surgery allows for smaller incisions, a quicker and safer recovery, and minimal scarring. We are also experienced in working around scar tissue from a previous surgery.

We take your safety and recovery very seriously. To ensure the revision surgery lasts, we take extra safety measures during the procedure, like suturing staple lines to prevent leakage and other complications.

We Provide Life-Changing Medical Tourism Experiences


jerry schaffer


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We were fortunate enough to book bariatric gastric sleeve surgery with Alo. Sandra was an excellent coordinator and she really cares about the patients.  The whole staff was top notch.  Do yourself a favor and don't look anywhere else if you need bariatric surgery.

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Wow. Exceeded my expectations after doing over a year and a half of research into gastric sleeve. I had a friend recommend ALÔ and it was the best decision of my life! The care, attention, treatment, communication, everything was top notch. 

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ALO Bariatrics logo

ALO Bariatrics

ALO Bariatrics provides expert, safe, and effective weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Patients from around the world travel to Mexico to receive affordable care from our highly trained bariatric surgeons. We are affiliated with several notable organizations, including:

  • The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO)
  • The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
  • The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF)
  • The Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS)
  • The Fellow American College of Surgeons (FACS)

For more information on ALO Bariatrics, or to begin your weight loss journey, we encourage you to call (844) 461-2831.

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