How long have you been struggling with weight problems time and time again through yo-yo diets, failing and just given up on your lifelong dream of living your life to your full potential?

Weight Loss Candidate

Am I candidate for weight loss surgery?

Obesity has been on the rise for as long as we can remember, becoming a worldwide problem. Our high stressful life’s filled with tasks and requirements leaves little time for ideal meal planning, exercise and overall a well-balanced routine. As a result, we have turned to fast food, starchy sugary options that are filled with regret and zero nutrition value. Leaving us feeling miserable and on a spiraling circle that will for certain leads us to health issues.

If you are here it’s probably because you are tired of making the same choices over and over, but figuring out if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery is a pretty big step. Here are some factors to consider:

BMI & and other underlying medical conditions

BMI stands for Body Mass Index If your BMI is higher than 40 and also if you have any medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, etc. You can use our online calculator or ask your physician to calculate your BMI. Weight loss surgery can be performed if these conditions are under control.

Do you have an addictive type of personality and resort to food as a means to cope with stress and hard emotions, binging and or dealing with depression? These underlying factors need to be addressed as well.

Weight loss surgery is a change of lifestyle

They are many procedures and options for weight loss surgery it is a tool that will help you achieve the life you want to live. It requires all of your commitment to moderate and include new habits that will become part of your recovery process.

So are you ready for weight loss surgery? If you consider yourself a possible candidate find the courage to end your struggle with weight and health issues. Remember that you are worth it. Taking the first step is always the most difficult one.

Start the path to recovering the life you want to live.


Dr. Alejandro Lopez