Your weight loss journey has been paved with a true commitment to better yourself. Positive trade-offs have been made in order to improve your health, however the fact of the matter is your body is changing or about to change and believe it or not (often happens) your figure is too. It’s time you embrace it and enjoy the journey.

Even the most common activities such as buying new clothes might seem like a daunting challenge, especially if one’s been struggling with their weight for a long time. So, far from being overwhelmed be creative and positive, make a thing out of clothes shopping! Include family and friends and seek for support and advice from other Weight Loss Surgery patients. Most of all have fun! And appreciate this new opportunity to try new things (even if it’s just a new blouse).

We have 7 tips that surely will come in handy for those trips to the mall:


When it comes to clothes, first and foremost think about comfort. By wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, you’ll be confident and it will shine through making you look good. Clothing is an expression of yourself.

2-Try on ALL garments

As we mentioned before, your body is changing and the size you used to wear surely won’t fit anymore; by trying all clothes you might find that your style can change as well and suddenly you can pull of those jeans or skirt you’ve been

3-Give a chance to new shapes and color

Dark colors and black might have been all the rage in your closet, however an important part of this journey is to be daring and willing to add some color and contrast to your wardrobe, by trying new fabrics, styles and color you can highlight some of your features and enhance your figure in ways you’ve thought weren’t possible before surgery.

4-Be positive

Your body will keep changing after surgery until you achieve your weight loss goals, this won’t happen overnight so, stay focused, congratulate and treat yourself on small gradual achievements! Stay motivated and think about all those garments you will be able to pull off once you reach your ideal weight and figure.

5-Dress to impress (Yourself)

You DO have a new figure so, show it off! Clear all those loose fitting clothes and emphasize parts of your body you feel most comfortable with; wear a fitted belt around your waist, try delicate fabrics maybe even some sheer ones; you’ll be amazed that they might even make you look thinner. Embrace and love your new body shape.


Add color and flare to your outfit, but don’t overdo it, also, keep all accessories proportionate to your size: tiny pieces work best on petite bodies.

7-Have fun

Take a friend or loved one shopping with you! An honest trust worthy opinion makes a world of difference when deciding on new styles. Cherish all steps of the journey they’ll make reaching your weight loss goal that more satisfying.

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